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Whether you are a business person with a creative flair, a creative person with a business sense, or someone who just enjoys the creative process come visit our store.


Fountain pens, high quality paper and richly toned inks make a statement about your personal style. Fountain pens can be minimalistic and sleek, have a thick design, be ornate, bold in colour and be made of a variety of materials. With over 600 colours of ink you can ensure your words, and signature, are as distinctive as you are. Rich, heavy weight paper bound in leatherette or stapled in a contemporary styled notebook finish off your personal stationery assemble.


Do you use a journal or a personal planner? Are you getting ready to write Thank You notes, Birth Announcements, Wedding Thank You Cards, Anniversary Announcements, Graduation Cards or a Birthday Card? Make your thoughts more special by using a fountain with your choice of ink colour and quality paper.
Home projects are easier to design with high-quality mechanical pencils and dot grid oversized notepads. Your image will be easier to see as there are no line or graph markings.


Professional artists, handwriting professionals and even amateur enthusiasts know the value of starting a piece using good quality materials. The right sized pen nib, good quality paper and abundant colour choices are important considerations in creating your work of art. Whether you are creating an illustration, doing Doodle Art, or a lettering project we have the tools you need to get your artistic job done, and done well.

Our Uniqueness

Having both a Bachelor of Fine Art (Art) and a MBA I have had the opportunity of working in corporate Canada as well as being able to enjoy art and the creative process.

In corporate Canada I understand the importance of ‘visual’ cues that support a desire to set yourself apart as someone with original thought, leadership skills and management prowess. With the variety of fountain pens, inks and paper available, I can help you find the combination that supports your boardroom aspirations, your entrepreneurial spirit, your professional career path, or your unique position in a company.

For those looking for a more personal creative experience I would like to inspire you with the world of different writing instruments, inks and papers. Learn calligraphy, bouncy hand writing, writing using different fonts or reintroduce yourself to the world of doodling or drawing. There are so many ways to enjoy, and have fun with, the creative process. Give it a chance!

Drawing was one of my main loves while doing my BFA. I know the importance of having the right paper for one’s choice of drawing medium. Dot to line, line to form then given emotion through color. Your artistic expression can only come alive with good drawing instruments, quality paper and a large variety of colors. Our pens, inks and paper are chosen with quality in mind for the artist.

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Inktober 2019

RKR Stationery would like to invite you to participate in Inktober 2019 It runs from October 1 to 31, 2019. It all started in 2009 when artist, Jake Parker, wanted to find a way to Read more…

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