So, why is there this resurgence in the use of fountain pens?

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They’re not hi-tech nor are they something new. Why then, would anyone bother with fountain pens?

The answer to this question varies depending on who you ask. People of all ages are showing renewed interest in fountain pens with millennials being the largest growing market segment.

Let’s look at some of the reasons people are using fountain pens.

  1. It is said that working with a fountain pen is a very satisfying writing experience, especially when it is paired with quality paper and unique ink colors. Last count I found is that there are currently 600+ ink colors for fountain pens. That is a lot of choice!
  2. People are choosing to use a fountain pen as they see it as a novel way to display their personal style. It is more than just a writing instrument. Their choice of pen style, ink color and paper type say much about a person’s personality.
  3. Writing by hand, especially writing with a fountain pen, is seen by many as a more personal way of communicating. The combination of fountain pen, ink and journal or notebook allows one to escape the fast pace of the digital world and enter a world that is calmer and more contemplative. People have said it helps to heighten their creative thought process.
  4. Fountain pens have been called the ‘paint brushes’ of the pen world. You can write, do creative lettering as well as draw with a fountain pen.
  5. Choosing fountain pens allows you to customize your writing style. The pens themselves, come in a myriad variety of styles and finishes. Then there are the nib options which go from extra fine to broad to calligraphy nib options. Finally, there are ink color options to chose from. Are you in a blue mood or high energy red mood today?
  6. People also choose fountain pens for ergonomic reasons. They are very comfortable to write with. Why? Because fountain pens require less pressure to use which makes them a desirable choice for long writes such as journaling, letters, and essay writing.
  7. Fountain pens are considered a more professional writing instrument. Not only are they a reflection of your personal style and taste, many see the fountain pen as a status symbol supporting their career achievements. Many graduates receive fountain pen sets as gifts to mark this special achievement.
  8. There are those who see a fountain pen purchase as a value for money investment. Over the long term a fountain pen cost can work out to be cheaper than continually purchasing disposable pens.
  9. Fountain pens are considered eco-friendlier than purchasing ballpoint pens that are disposable. People will keep their fountain pens for life and there are many stories of those who have passed down their fountain pens to their children. Fountain pen inks can be purchased in glass bottles which are recyclable.

Whether you chose a fountain pen for status, fashion statement, a Zen moment or just because it is more comfortable to write with, it is a pen that has a place in many people’s pocket, purse, desk or night-stand.

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